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Sirens & Sounders

Section 3A (in main Catalogue)

section 3A sirens & sounders audible visual warning devices img mimic components

                         Audible & Visual Warning Devices, Tower Lights, Heavy Duty Sirens,

                         Ex-Proof & Flameproof Warning Lights, Rotating Bulbs & Flashing Lights,

                         Emergency Vehicle Lights, Magnetic Base Vehicle Lights, Mounted Vehicle Lights,

                         Forklift Lights, Traffic Control Lights & Robots, Solar Lights.



Catalogue & Datasheets

01] Audible Visual & Warning Devices Catalogue, Buzzers, Sirens Sounders Signal Lights

02] Siren Chart  (popular)

03] MFL Series Multifunctional LED Signal Lights  Warning Lights. Steady/Flashing/Strobe/Revolving (popular)

04] Safe-Start Siren. Warning Indicator Triangle (with Roof)  (new)

05] Heavy Duty Sirens & Warning Lights (popular)

06] Explosion Proof Sirens Warning Lights & Heavy Duty Alarm Bells

07] Alarm Bell Switch & Lamp. Marine & Industrial Heavy Duty 

08] Long Distance Sirens (popular)

09] Multi-tone Sirens (popular)

10] PLROB -Robot LED Lights in Enclosures for Mines/Harsh Environments (popular)

11] EBM/Q80L & EBM/Q100L Sounder Combo (popular)

12] QWCD 35/50 Sounder Combo Flashing Horn, MP3 (popular)

13] QWH35/50 Wall Mount Electronic non-flashing Sounder with Pre-recorded Special Warning Sound

14] Telephone Initiated Signal Warning Lights QW Series

15] Revolving Warning Light for Vehicles S100 Series  (popular)

16] Magnetic Vehicle Beacons & Flat Top Flashing LED Signal Lights (popular)

17] Battery Beacon Short Form Sirens Sounders Signal Lights (popular)

18] SKTLM Mounted Vehicle Emergency Lights with cigarette lighter plug

19] S80LS Forklift Strobe-Flashing Beacon Light

20] Modular LED Tower Light w/Built-in Terminal (Releases or Securely Clamps Wires without Tools) 

21] Tower Lights (Stackable & Single LED's) Short Form. Mimic QLight Signal Lights (popular)

22] Signal Lights for Container Spreaders, Harbour Loading Equipment & Outdoor Conveyor Applications.

23] SOL Solar Rechargeable LED Flashing Signal Lights Short Form

24] Solar Day/Night Intrusion Detector Alarm with Flashing Red LED Lights 110dB  

25] LED Tower Lights Ex-Proof w/Buzzer STB45ML-NEC

26] QWCD 35/50 Series Combo Siren with MP3 Player & Voice Messages

 27] Vehicle Revolving Warning LED Light S100MLR 

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