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Measuring Instruments

Section  4  (in main Catalogue)

section 4 measuring instruments img mimic components

                                Controllers, Panel Indication, ADDA Systems,  Bargraph Displays,

                           Universal Indicators.



Catalogue & Datasheets

A).  Measuring Instruments Catalogue   Panel Meters, Universal Temperature Controllers & Panel Instruments


B). General Measuring Instruments

01] B.C.D. Indicators & Bar-Graph Displays. Measuring Instruments

02] ADDA B.C.D. Systems. Measuring Instruments


C). General Panel Meters 

03] Panel Meters & Measuring Instruments. Digital Panel Meters

04] Panel Meters. 'PanelPilotAce' Graphic Digital Panel Display Meters


D). Brand: Multispan 

05] UTC-121G (4-Digit) Dual Display Single Output Accurate PID Controller

06] UTR-1244 (2-Relay) Programmable Timer

07] MSU 1244U-M1 (4 Channel) Scanner Data Logger Process Control Instrument

08] 24W PS24-1A   Measuring High Quality SMPS Process Variables

09] MFM-13 Multi-Function Meter  (new) 

10] Single Phase Preventer Meter SPP-22 (new)

11] DC, Amps, Volts & Watts Meter Model VAW34DC 

12] Process Controller PTC-382A-M1 (with Modbus)

13] Time Totaliser DTT3000 

14] Temperature Controller UTC-4201A (No Modbus) 

15] Earth Fault Relay Model EFR-63. Current Monitoring

16] Earth Leakage Relay Model ECT-35D. Current Monitoring

17] Earth Leakage Relay Model ELR-35. Current Monitoring

18] Fault Annunciator Model FAL-10. Input 16 Fault, NC-NO Free Contact 

19] Current Protection Relay CR-3K under/over current, trip delay, relay & power supply status 

20] Current Protection Relay CPR-35 with True RMS Measurement 

21] Current Protection Relay CPR-22  Visualisation of power supply status under current/over current 

22] Flow Indicator Controller w/Modbus: MFC-1048P-04 

23] VOLT AMP Meter Model FRQ11 (1 Phase Frequency Meter)

24] Real Time Clock RTC1048. For Embedded Systems, Network Equipment & (IoT) 

25] Voltage Protection Relay VPR35-2R. All types of Invertors. Solar Panels/Hybrids 

26] Colour Mark Sensor-5X Model CMS-5X.  For Printing Machineries, Packaging, Food etc.

27] SSR Solid State Relay RS-40A  with Short Circuit Protection

28] Fault Annunciator Panel Mount FA11  with 10 Channel Input

29] Process Indicator Model PI-38 for *Pressure * Flow * Level * Temperature 

30] Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Model type PS24-5A

31] Power & Energy. Multifunction Meter Model AVH-14 by Multispan

32] Power & Energy. DC Panel Meter Model MFM-14DC VOLT/AMP by Multispan

33] Protection Relays. Switch Mode Power Supply PS24-5A Datasheet

34] Motor Protection Device. MPD152 & MPD192. Datasheet. Mimic Components 

35] Volt & Ampere Meter/Panel Meters. Volt & AMP Meter Model: AV12

36] Panel Meter VOLT & AMP METER Single Phase Ampere Meter Model AV14 

37] Voltage Protection Relay Model VPR-22U. Under/Over Voltage, Phase asymmetry/sequence/loss

38] PID Modular Temperature Controller Master DTC-1X & Slave DTC-1A  Multispan

39] 8 Channel Temperature Scanner with Data Logging & USB Multispan 

40] 16 Channel Temperature Scanner with Data Logging & USB Multispan 

41] PI-38 Process Indicator Short form Datasheet for Process Control Instruments Multispan 

42] PIC-38 4 x Outputs Process Indicator Short form Datasheet for Process Control Instruments Multispan 

43] APFC-116 Protection Relay Power Factor Correction 16 Stage

44] APFC-9606 Protection Relay Automatic Power Factor Controller

45] CC548 CRYO Panel AC Application

46] CC521 CRYO Air Dryer Application

47] CC512 CRYO With Alarm Function

48] CC520 CRYO 20A Single Output

49] CC510 CRYO -10A Single Output

50] CC552 CRYO – Dual Compressor Output

51] Multifunction Meter AVH -16 with 4 Line Display

52] Multifunction Meter MFM-13 with 3 Line Display

53] Flow Totalizer MFC-1058 for Water Plant, Chemical & Pharma

E). Brand: Novus Automation

43] Controller. N1200 Auto Adaptive PID Controller

44] Pressure Transmitter. NP785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

45] Temperature Transmitter. TX Block USB Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter

46] Wireless AirGate-Modbus Gateway Device (new)

47] LogBox Connect. WiFi. 3G. Bluetooth- updated short form.

48] Digi.Rail IoT Industrial Gateway updated short form

49] * Novus Automation Short Form Temperature Controllers.

50] Flow Totalization Panel Meter N1500FT

51] Flow & Indicator Totaliser 4 Digit MFC-3016D

52] N2000S Universal Process Controller DIN N200S for Servo Motorised Valves

53] SSR Solid State Relays: Static Switch 40 to 300 Amperes. 3Phase 40-80A (*new) 

54] Modular Industrial Process Controller N20K48 with unlimited expandability Shortform

55] Level & Volume Laser Sensor Device Non-Intrusive Model TL-400V Short form 

56] Level & Volume Laser Sensor Device Non-Intrusive Model TL-400I  

57] Universal Input Panel Meter N1540 Short Form

58] RHT Wireless Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter Short Form

59] FieldLogger. Versatile & Multichannel Logger by Novus Automation (popular)

60] N1050 PID Temperature Controller by Novus Automation

61] NIO Interface Relay for Power Surge Damage Prevention by Novus Automation

62] NP785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmit Datasheet

63] Hatchery - Egg Incubator Temperature Controller N323RHT by Novus Automation

64] Temperature Sensors by Novus Automation

65] DigiGate-Profibus. Gateway Communication Device. Profibus DP network with Modbus RTU 

66]  AirGate 4G Industrial IoT Wi-Fi Gateway Cellular Router for Communication 

67] USB i485 Digital Isolated Converter with RS485 & RS422 network Communication

68] AirGate Modbus Wireless- Modbus Gateway network Long Range Communication

         69] LogBox IoT Multichannel Datalogger

        70] DigiRail OEE. I/O Module for IoT Industrial Applications

        71] NT240 Programmable Timer. Monitor Time Intervals

       72] NC400-6 Counter. Advanced 6xDigit Counter, Batch & Totalizer Operations



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