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Section  5  (in main Catalogue)

section 5 data logging img mimic components

                             Data Acquisition & Recorders, Stand-alone Data Loggers, Wireless Data Loggers, 

                         SMS/Email Alert Data Loggers



Catalogue & Datasheets

01] Datalogging Catalogue Standalone Data Loggers, Data Acquisition & Recorders

02] Wireless EL-WiFi-TPX+ Data Logger 

03] Low Cost USB Temperature Data Logger EL-USB-LITE

04] Damp Control Data Loggers EL-USB-2 & EL-USB-TC

05] Data Logger Chart. Standalone Dataloggers

06] EL-SIE-6+ Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Data Logger with Display

07] Datalog EL-GFX-D2 Dual Channel Temperature, Humidity & Dew Point with External Probe

08] Current Loop 4-20mA Standalone Data Logger EL-USB-4

09] Voltage Data Logger OEM Packaged Card EL-OEM-3 

10] EL-USB-1 Temperature Data Logger

11] EL-WiFi-VACX Vaccine Monitor

12] EL-IOT- CO2  Air Quality Data Logger

13] EL-USB-1-PRO Temperature & Humidity Data Logger. Stainless Steel cover.

14] EL-MOTE-TH Temperature & Humidity Data Logger. Cloud-Connected

15] Carbon Monoxide Data Logger EL-USB-CO300 




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