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2023 Archive NewsLetters


 Merry Christmas from Mimic Cape



Date: 12th December 2023

Title:  Closing Dates Mimic Components, New DC Volt Amp & Watts Meter, Economical Digital Amps & Volts Meters


 PCT382A-M1 with Modbus Process Controller. Mimic Cape



Date: 6th December 2023

Title: Time Totaliser, Processer Controller with Modbus, Temperature Controller, Level Sensor Transmitters, Combo Siren Sounders

 Earth Fault Relay EFR-63





Date: 29th November 2023

Title: Earth Fault Relay, Fault Annunciator w/Modbus, Invertor Volt Protector, Industrial Printer & Consumables, Power Supply


CPR22 Current relay Device Mimic





Date: 24th November 2023

Title: New Device for Current Protection, Hand Crank Sirens, Grafoplast Heat Resistant Tags & Manual Marking Kits


N1500FT Flow Totalisation Panel Meter




Date: 17th November 2023

Title: Flow Rate Indicator, Voltage Protection Relay, Motor Protection Device, Conveyor Belt Digital Amp Meter, Motorised Sirens


 LED lamp replacements Mimic Cape

 Date: 8th November 2023

Title: Year End Essential Spares: LED Indicators & Control Components

 Crane & Tower Cranes Aviation Obstruction Lights

 Date: 2nd November 2023

 Title: Crane & Machinery Obstruction Lights, Marine Helideck, Helipad Designs, Radio Controllers, Portable Airfield Lights for Non-Cable-Powered Helipads


RHT Humidity & Temperature Big Digit Display Mimic Components

 Date: 2nd November 2023

 Title: RHT Enclosures & Real-time Big Digit Temperature Displays, Hatchery Incubator Temperature Controllers, Egg Rotating Timers

 Date: 26th October 2023

 Title: Egg Incubator Controller, Controllers for Smart Cranes and Servo Motorised Valves, Alarm Annunciator Enclosure, Control Desks 


SOL Recharable Solar Emergency Lights

 Date: 19th October 2023

 Title: Sirens, Lamp Test Cards, Large Digit Amp. Meters, Painted Panels, Emergency Vehicle Lights


 rogowski coil flexible thin

Date: 12th October 2023

Title: 3-Phase 40-80A SSR Static Switch Electrical Load, Powerlogger & Rogowski Coils, Hybrid Voltage Protection Relay


 smart factory 2 img mimic components

Date: 5th October 2023

Title: Smart Factory 2:Pressure Datalog, Flow & Micro Controllers, FieldLogger, HMI, PLC, Sensors, SCADA, Cargo Control Lights


 smart factory mimic components

Date: 28th September 2023

 Title: Smart Factory, Wireless Stackable Tower Lights, Real Time Clock, Big Digital Counters, Switches, Volt & Graphic Panel Meters


 alarm & fault annunciators mimic components

Date: 21st September 2023

 Title: ADDA8G Alarm Annunciator, Fault Annunciator Panel Mount, N1540 Input Panel Meter, Control Desks, Mosaic Mimics, Combo Sirens, TRASP


 modern semaphores mimic components

 Date: 14th September 2023

 Title: Panel Meters, Modern Semaphores, Channel Temperature Scanners, ADDA ATRIP Cards, Revolving Lights, Control Desks


N20K48 Modular Process Controller by Novus Automation

 Date: 7th September 2023

 Title: Modular Process Controller, Tank-Level-Sensor, Low-Cost USB Datalog, Forklift Strobes & Combo Sounders, Wire Marking


 Tank level & volume laser sensor novus automation

Date: 31st August 2023

 Title: Level & Volume Laser Sensor Detector, Input Panel Meter, Volt & Motor Protection, Power Logger



 Date: 24th August 2023

 Title: Upgraded PLROB, Big Digits Clocks Displays, Damp Control Datalog, Power Logger, Sirens & Strobes


 Grafoplast metalised detectable tag for food industry

Date: 17th August 2023

Title: Focus on Food Industry: Metalised Labels, GFX Dual Channel Logger, Cold Chain Logger, Inverter & Motor Protection, Budget Wire Marking Printers


container robots container lights

 Date: 11th August 2023

Title:  Container Lights, Explosion-Proof Beacon Sounders & Tower Lights, Encapsulated Enclosure LED's, Midi-Robots, 20cents Tube Marker Printer


New-Motor Protection Relays MPD152 / MDP192
Now with 3CT 100Amp

 Date: 4th July 2023

Title: Economic Wire Marking, Motor Protection Relay, Power Logger Hire Promotion, Special Fire Alarm Enclosure, USB Voltage Logger


on promotion hire power logging meter ME440

Date: 27th July 2023

Title: On Promotion: Hire Power Logger, Laser Level & Volume Sensors, Input Panel Meter, Volt/Amp Indicator, Protection Devices



 Date: 20th July 2023

Title: Voltage Protection Relay, Fault Annunciator, Cooling Controller, Solid State Relay, Process Indicator, EX-Proof Sirens, Portable Wire marking Printers


 agri suppliers publication 
MPD152 & MPD192 & Monitoring Generator Diesel Tank Consumption with the New Non-Intrusive Level & Volume Laser Sensor device model TL-400V.

 ADVERT: Link to Agri Suppliers Publication-Page 11

Title: Motor Protection Devices  MPD152 & MPD192 & Monitoring Generator Diesel Tank Consumption with the New Non-Intrusive Level & Volume Laser Sensor Device Model TL-400V.



ME440 to Rent Power Logging Meter

 Date: 5th July 2023

Title:  Power Loggers to Rent, Cloud Connected Meters, TRASP Manual Wire Marking Kit, Sirens Long Distance


Motor Protection Devices, AC/DC Energy Meters w/Cloud Connectivity, Voltage Protection Relay, Long Distance Sirens, Portable Label Printers

 Date: 28th June 2023

Title:  Motor Protection Devices, AC/DC Energy Meters w/Cloud Connectivity, Voltage Protection Relay, Long Distance Sirens, Portable Label Printers


 Cloud connected DC & AC Power Meters (with logging), Switch mode 5A Power Supply, Motor Protection Relays

 Date: 19th June 2023

Title: Cloud connected DC & AC Power Meters (with logging), Switch mode5A Power Supply, Motor Protection Relays


Multi Function Energy Meters (AC and DC) Telephone Activated Sounders, Economical Wire Marking

Date: 9th June 2023 

Title: Multi Function Energy Meters (AC and DC) Telephone Activated Sounders, Economical Wire Marking


 Multispan Multi-Temperature Scanners (with data logging) & Multi Channel Temperature Controller

Date: 2nd June 2023

Title: Multi-Temperature Scanners (with data logging) & Multi-Channel Temperature Controllers


Well priced printers for wire marking and labelling

 Date: 26th May 2023

Title: Well priced Printers for Wire marking and Labelling 


Pi-38 & PIC-38 Digital Indicators

Date: 19th May 2021

Title: New Economical Digital Indicator (4/20mA etc), Portable Wire Marking Printer


Popular mimic products at the AATF show 2023

 Date: 15th May 2023

Title: Popular Mimic Products at the Africa Automation Technology fair (AATF) show 2023


Wireless Monitoring with email alerts Wireless Alert T by Mimic Components Lascar Electronics Agents in South Africa

 Date: 3rd May 2023

Title:  Wireless Monitoring Range with Email Alerts for Leak detection, Door Contact, Volt-free Contacts & Pipe Temperatures


Blog News Letters Mimic Components .6.04.2023 Novus Temperature Controllers N1050 and N480D  

 Date: 6th April 2023

Title: Power Loggers, Portable Printers, Sensor & Transmitter App, Temperature Controllers, Helipads


Pressure & Temperature Humidity Data Logger EL-SIE-6+ Mimic Components

Date: 31st March 2023

Title:  Pressure Data Loggers, Hire Power Logging Meters,  Solar Sirens for Site-Works, Aviation solar Runway Lights, Control room Desks


Helipad Lighting AeroLED Mimic Components

 Date: 24th March 2023

Title: Solar Warning Beacons, Trip Steering Diode Cards, Helipad Lights, Portable Wire marking Printers


New Modular LED Tower Lights with easy Connect Terminals (release & securely clamps wires without tools)

 Date: 17th March 2023

Title: Modular Tower Lights with Easy Connect Terminals, LEDs & LED Replacements, Portable Wire Markers, Smart Panel Meter 



 Date: 10th March 2023

Title: Wire Tube & Label Printers, ADDA APM4 Alarm Annunciator, LED Driver Surge Protection, Sounder-Combo


New Tube Marking Printers by Mimic components

 Date: 3rd March 2023

Title:  New Tube Marking Printers, Modular Controller, Food Transport Data Loggers, Small Egg Incubator Temp Controller, WiFi Loggers


Big Digit Digital Displays Signs & Information

 Date: 23rd February 2023 

 Title: Hire Power Meters, Big Digit Digital Displays, Strobes, Metal Tags, Cold Chain Datalogger


ME237 Communicating Power Meter 3-Phase Panel Mount by Mimic Components 

Date: 16th February 2023

Title: Communicating Power Meter 3-Phase Panel Mount ME237, 4-Channel Temperature Datalog with

Interactive Display, Tower Lights, Alarm Bell & Beacon Combo, Robot Boxes


mimic cape multi tone sirens  

 Date: 9th February 2023 

Title:  Multi-tone Sirens, Hospital Helipads, Panel Instruments, Mimic Consoles & Enclosures, LED Indicators


explosion proof and flameproof sirens & warning lights mimic components

 Date: 2nd February 2023

Title: Explosion Proof Sirens, Big Digit Clocks, Specialised Enclosures, PL Robots, Voltage Indicating Lights


New Novus N1040 N1050 Controllers with Analog Outputs  by Mimic Components

Date: 26th January 2023

Title: Power Meters to Hire, Strobe Beacons, WiFi Datalog, New Controllers with Analog Outputs, Helipad Lights, Control Desks


Avoid Power Surge Damage. Automation Equipment, Sirens & Electrical Components

Date: 19th January 2023

Title:  Avoid Power Surge Damage. Automation Equipment, Sirens & Electrical Components


Cape Mimic 2023 A Positive 2023 with 50 new Projects in South Africa

  Date: 13th January 2023

Title: A Positive 2023 with 50 Mew Projects in South Africa


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