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2024 Latest NewsLetters

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 LogBox LTE & DigiRail OEE Mimic Cape




Date: 19th July 2024

 Title:  Reduce Processing Downtime: LogBox LTE Multichannel IoT Datalogger, DigiRail OEE, Industrial Timer & Counter, Monitor Desk, Tags for Cables



Gas Carbon Monoxide data logger. Mimic Cape





Date: 11th July 2024

 Title: Gas & Air Quality Data Loggers, Midi-Robots, Illuminated Signs, Liquid Bulk Transmitters, Flow Rate Panel Meter, Special Enclosures, Operator Desks



MFC-1058 Flow Totalizer Meter Mimic Cape





Date: 4th July 2024

 Title: Pressure Flow Level Process Meters & Transmitters, Monitor & Control Desks, Labels for Cables



 multi-function meters mimic cape




Date: 27th June 2024

 Title: Multi-Function Meters, Voltage Protection Relay, Solid State Relay, Pilot Lights & Semaphores


 ex-proof LED luminaire mimic cape




Date: 20th June 2024

 Title: Emergency Non-Sparking Luminaire LED Lighting, Voice-Evacuation Message Combo Sirens, Tower Lights, Labels for Cables



Maximum outdoor security enclosure mimic cape





Date: 13th June 2024

 Title: AllVault Outdoor Maximum Security Enclosure (datasheet)



PLROB indicating robot traffic lights mimic cape




Date: 13th June 2024

 Title: AllVault Maximum Outdoor Security Enclosure,  Safe Start Conveyor Warning Lights,  Illuminated Beacons, S/Steel Data Logger



CC548 CRYO Panel AC Application Cooling Controller Mimic Cape




Date: 6th June 2024

 Title: Cooling Controllers, Protection Relay Power Correction Controllers, Popular Dataloggers,  Grafoplast Cable Marking



Single Operator control desk





Date: 31st May 2024

 Title: Single Operator Control Desk, Security Room Control Desks, Mosaic Mimic Panels with Sirens & Alarm Systems, Cable Tags



data communication devices mimic cape




Date: 23rd May 2024

Title: Data Communication Methods & Devices, Gateway & Digital Converters, Electricity Data Logging Recorders


solar cable & snap-on cable marking sleeves from Mimic Components





Date: 16th May 2024

Title: Popular South African Cables & Wire Cable Marking Solutions



Difference between earth leakage relay & earth fault relay





Date: 2nd May 2024

Title: Difference between Earth Leakage Relay & Earth Fault Relay, Relay Devices, Wifi Datalogger, Grafoplast High Volume Printer



 heavy duty switches from mimic cape


Date: 25th April 2024

Title: Heavy Duty Control Switches, Modular Micro Process Controller with USB, Heat Resistant Tags for Wire Marking



New Panel Mount Alarm & Fault Annunciator, ADDA 8way-16way Alarm Displays plus DIN Rail Alarm Modules




Date: 17th April 2024

Title: New Panel Mount Alarm & Fault Annunciator, ADDA 8way-16way Alarm Displays plus DIN Rail Alarm Modules



bulk liquid storage level sensors mimic cape




Date: 11th April 2024

Title: 4 Universal Input Scanner with Data Logging Facility, Dual Display Temperature Controllers, Bulk Liquid Storage Level Sensors



 aviation lights for Runways, Runway Guard Lights for Airfields & Airstrips



Date: 4th April 2024

Title: Temporary & Permanent Airfield & Helipad Lights, Long Distance Sirens, Windsocks, Sphere Balls



 fire system enclosures by mimic components



 Date: 20th March 2024

Title: Fire System Enclosures, ADDA Alarm & Window Enclosures, Ex-Proof Sirens, Heavy Duty Alarm Bells, ADDA TRIP Diode Cards



 Topology N20K28 Micro Controller


Date: 14th March 2024

Title:  Micro Controller, Temperature & Pressure Transmitters, LogBox IoT, Warning Lights, Tower Lights



Novus Modular Process Controller with Micromodules N20K28




 Date: 7th March 2024

Title: Micro Modular Processor, Temperature Controllers, Pressure Data Logger, Hybrid Invertor Voltage Relay, Rechargeable Beacons



 range of multiple multifunction wireless modular tower lights Mimic Components


 Date: 29th February 2024

 Title: Wireless Tower Lights, Strobe Beacons, Safe Start Sirens, Container Lights, S/Steel Datalogger, Aviation Enclosures



Multi Channel Current Scanner Model MCS-63





Date: 22nd February 2024

 Title: Multichannel Current Scanner, ADDA Indicator Meters, Multifunction Meters, Wire Marking Metal Tags & Ties



wireless network communication AirGate Modbus Gateway




Date: 15th February 2024

 Title: Wireless Network Communication AirGate Modbus, Safe Start Siren for Conveyors, Multi Channel Dataloggers, Wire Marking



 Vinyl Mimic Panel by Mimic Components




Date: 8th February 2024

 Title: Why Mimic Panels are still the best option for certain applications in 2024. Mimic Panels & Control Desks 



rogowski coils power meters




Date: 1st February 2024

 Title: Energy Meters, Volt/Amp Meter, Motor Protection Device, Flow Control Indicator, Power Logger Rogowski Coils



 Temperature Scanner 8 & 16 Channels Multispan



Date: 24th January 2024

 Title: Temperature Scanners, Volt/Amp Meters, Pressure/Flow/Level Process Meters, Dataloggers, Engraving


LogBox LTE Multichannel Datalogger  by Novus Automation Mimic Components


 Date: 18th January 2024

 Title: 2024 New Single Phase Preventer, LogBox LTE Multi Chanel IoT Datalogger, DigiRail IoT Industrial IoT Gateway, Industrial Engraving




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